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Image by Debby Hudson

Making Your Ideas,
Come to Life.

Let's put our heads together to come up with exactly what you're looking for.


I don't shy away from a challenge and recently took on the task of painting the well-known Royal Albert Old Roses pattern on some candles. Let's just say it was no walk in the garden. But, the  clients were thrilled with the final result. 

Poppy Tissue Box

custom painted tissue box
painting client wanted tissue box to match

The perfect finishing touch to any bathroom is a custom painted tissue box that matches the decor. This client had two prints hanging on the wall and wanted a tissue box to match one of them. I was able to successfully match the colors and create a beautiful and functional piece for their space.

Painted Snowflakes is beyond grateful for our amazing clients from all over the world! I had a special request for custom painted oil and vinegar bottles with beautiful hydrangeas on them. It was tough to let them go, but I know she loved in their new home!

Custom painted Oil and vinegar set

Nothing scares me more than something with a lot of personal meaning. This was that. She wanted 4 white ball ornaments with the "purple heart" war medal painted on each and the recipient's name and rank on the back. That mean each had to look like the one next to it.. I hung them with a broad purple ribbon.

image of Purple Heart Medal
ornament painted with purple heart medal on it.

Here's a set of candles I really enjoyed making. I used to quilt. and by that I mean, I made one. Then I remembered I'm not very good at sewing. But the patter was fun to work with, the colours soft and the result, I thought, very pretty.

candles painted to match bedspread

"Stacey created matching floral design candles, both tapers and pillar to photos i sent her of my upholstery. They are not only breathtakingly lovely, they match perfect and that was a shock as the computer screen and the photo were not true to the colors of the fabric. I explained the colors 'live' and Stacey worked from that. Just amazing. What a fun and lovely touch to add to the room. I am a repeat customer and will be again. Classy work as per usual. Thanks!"

Purple Heart
Medal Ornament

swatch of fabric
custom painted candles to match fabric

This was a challenge. The client wanted pillar and taper candles to match her sofa. It's intricate pattern would be a bit of a problem. The second problem was that the colours would not recreate properly, The client said the were warmer than shown. Flying half blind, I dove in to create this custom painted set for her. I was so relieved when I received these words.


Candle Set to
Compliment Bedspread

sample photo

If you have an idea for something you would like custom painted for yourself or someone else, please , chat with me by email or phone.

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