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Meet The Team

image of woman smiling wearing a hat

Stacey, Owner/Artist

What is my role? I am the tired one.

I design and run my this website, deal with social media, come up with new ideas, create them, photograph them, advertise and sell them, package them and ship them out. Oh and Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer around the home. And I have never been happier.

image of cat in a filing cabinet

Freckles, the Annoying one. 

like most cool cats,

she is into filing cabinets ( yes I still use one),

boxes and whatever else she can find.

Her cat door in the window let's her wander inside and out all day long. 

Starting with hand painted glasses influenced by her love of nature, the work is designed and  painted by hand, in

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Painted Snowflakes has expanded to include complimentary items, unique, interesting gifts

and décor. And if you're looking for custom wedding candles ...


          "Life has allowed me travel throughout Canada, parts of Europe, some of Kenya, much of the USA,

           and the Caribbean. All of those experiences have taught me about people and cultures and are reflected in my art."


Stacey enjoys collaborating with people by email and on phone to create the custom work they have been dreaming of.

Whether it be hand painted glasses to match a wedding bouquet or recreating a favorite flower onto a compost pail,

she  is ready to paint it for you. 

"Painted Snowflakes, is recognized as a brand that offers hand painted glasses throughout Canada and around  the world.

Recently, Painted Snowflakes placed in the top 5% of painted glass sellers in



photo of friends on Queen street steps in Toronto

​​Painted Snowflakes is a full integration of all that I have done in my life.

I graduated college with a Specialization in Portrait and Architectural photography. I learned much about composition, use of colour and values.  It has always been a part of my creative adventures and shows up in some of my artwork and greeting cards.

@Harry Halyk,photographer


Snowflakes hold qualities that are delicate, colourful, unique and yet, hold a strength within them. While many pieces of my work appear the identical, they are in fact, unique. like the snowflake.


Autism shook me to the core 25 years ago when my elder son was given the diagnosis. Autism comes with a complex set of identifying traits. Surprisingly, twin siblings can have two different 'forms' of autism. "Snowflakes" is a tribute to my heroes living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, every day facing things we couldn't dream of.

Recently my Etsy shop, also under the name Painted Snowflakes, but written as PaintedSnowflakes was listed in the top 5 % of sellers of hand painted wine glasses in Canada within the Etsy Marketplace. I am proud yet humbled by this notice. But I know that I am only as good as my last order.

woman guiding a child painting

working with children at

Sunbeam Community and Residential Services

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